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The intent of this website is to look into the tragic events of April 16, 2007 at Virginia Tech University and how it has been one of the most influential moments for campus safety in the United States. Not only does it cover the timeline of events on the day, including specific times, but also the information found and change that was demanded and occurred following the event. Over the past couple of decades the amount of gun violence on school campuses has increased exponentially. This is not only a concerning statistic for all members of a community, especially those going into the education workforce. The hope is that this research will give some information about the changes that have been made and what responses have occurred to better protect community members around the nation. There is also a space within this website that is dedicated as a memorial to the lives lost on this day in the hopes to keep their memory alive.

Trigger Warning: Within this website there is mentions of mental health issues, gun violence, and suicide. If this is a topic of concern or possible sensitivity it is advised against moving further within the website.

Website Image Credit: Ami Vitale