About Me

Image Credit: Savannah Alexander

I am Savannah Alexander and I’m a senior at the University of Mary Washington. I plan to graduate with a degree in history in the spring of 2024 with hopes to later become a high school history teacher. My specific interest in history occurs during the colonial period, especially during the seventeenth century. However, I am also from Charlottesville, Virginia so I am also very intrigued by events occurring within the state, like the 2007 Virginia Tech Shooting.

When I was asked for a class to look into an issue that has faced Virginia since the Civil War I was a bit lost due to the broadness of the topic. However, once I thought more into the question I decided that I wanted to cover a topic that I see being talked about politically but not as much in the academic sphere. Knowing that I want to work in the education system I have started to have concerns over the safety of not only myself but my future students. As I grew up, I noticed the changes being made in schools to protect faculty and students from outside harm. My hope is that my research into the Virginia Tech Shooting will allow insight into what has changed to better protect me as a future teacher, my future students, and schools across the state.